Let yourself be pampered by expert hands and enjoy our massages. Discover the benefits of our guests’ favourite treatments


Relaxing massage

This is a treatment that includes both stroking and kneading movements. Relaxation massage manoeuvres involve short, circular movements and more pressure is required to promote circulation.


Hot stone

The aim of the Hot Stone massage is to awaken and reactivate the energy of these points by applying the hot stones to the chakra points from the bottom up (depending on the method). In doing so, the energy is “awakened”, moving up through the body, opening the energy channels and flow.



Shiatsu is a manual technique based mainly on pressure applied with the thumbs, fingers, palms, elbows, knees or feet. Effective pressure is characterised by five factors that must always be present:

1. the use of the right working instrument
2. the correct position of the operator
3. correct identification of the area to be worked on
4. the operator’s attention
5. three pressure phases: inlet, stasis, outlet

This allows, by contacting his deepest energy level and therefore all aspects of his reality, to awaken in the recipient his power of self-healing.



Foot reflexology is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine based on massage and therefore on the massage therapy of the soles of the feet. Focusing, therefore, on the technique of zonal massage, it exploits the large number of nerves present in the feet to treat illnesses or relieve pain by pressing on strategic areas: these correspond to reflex points throughout the body, thanks to whose stimulus we act on organs, internal apparatuses, glands and nervous system to purify them and be able to rebalance the body’s vital energy, freeing blocked energy channels.


Lymph drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a special type of massage practised on areas of the body with an excessive reduction in lymphatic circulation. Stagnation of the lymph itself can cause serious disturbances to the functions of the lymph:
* defence
* nutrition
* purification.
To ensure that none of these functions are lost, it is necessary to ensure that the lymphatic system has a constant flow rate and that any stagnation is removed.
It is indicated, for example, for the treatment of oedemas and cellulite.