The thermal springs and the curative mud obtained therefrom reach the Euganean Spa at a temperature of 87°C and have a strong mineralization.

In keeping with tradition, like all spa facilities in Abano, Hotel Vena d’Oro has its own mud-bath balneotherapy department and a highly-specialized team of operators, working under the supervision of the Medical Director.

Hotel Vena d’Oro is part of the monitoring network OTP (Permanent Thermal Observatory) of the University of Padua, for the quality and ripening process control of the thermal mud.

A wide range of diseases can be treated and prevented with a proper mud-bath balneotherapy. We are referring in particular to osteoporosis (all listed disorders should not be in the acute phase), rheumatism, fibrositis, myalgia, neuralgia, neuritis and sciatica. And then hyperuricaemia, gout, consequences of fractures, dislocations, sprains, traumatic injuries and orthopaedic surgery, primary inflammatory and metabolic disorder-related rheumatism, as well as many diseases of the respiratory system such as chronic catarrh, asthma, sinusitis and chronic bronchitis.

Mud therapy sessions consist of four basic elements:

1. application of thermal mud

(approx. 15/20 min);

2. Shower and bath in thermal water

(approx. 15/20 min);

3. Sweating reaction (time varies depending on your personal response to the treatment),

4. Massage with a toning effect on the muscle and nervous system

(13 or 25 min).

To get the best benefits, the mud-bath balneotherapy sessions are usually made every day (except Sunday), in the morning, so that the effect of the treatment can be intensified day after day.